Rack And Roll Trailer Loaded With Bikes and Kayaks

I often take my kayaks and also sometimes our bicycles with me when I travel. Everywhere I go people stop me to ask about my Rack and Roll trailer so I decided to put up this page about it.

The trailer is lightweight and easy to tow. It also folds up and is easy to store.

The Rack and Roll are stylish and the perfect marriage of form and function being built almost completely out of aluminium. The trailer goes from the car to standing up stored against the wall of our garage in just 60 seconds. It has rollerblade wheels on the back of the trailer, so when it is vertical, it rolls easily to be stored. Plus the trailer is compatible with most roof rack products so you can pretty much mount just about anything on it. It includes a carrying handle that turns the trailer into a hand cart for wheeling the kayaks to the water’s edge.