Starting Location: We parked our car at the Anne Kolb nature center. As we were pulling a bike tailer and the park does not have trailer parking we parked as far from the center as possible taking up several parking spaces.

Anne Kolb Nature Center, Florida

Parking: Entrance to the park is free and parking is free.
Description: After heading back the way we came into the park we came to an asphalt biking and walking trail going south. We followed this trail under the Sheridan street bridge at which time we left the asphalt for a gravel road. The gravel road led to a locked chain link gate that was easy for bikes to go around. We continued to ride on what was a primitive gravel road with its condition becoming rougher the further south that we went. There are arched bridges along the way that made for small hills to ride over and also a gazebo where we rested in the shade. This is the same gazebo that we have kayaked to many times and had always wondered where the dirt road that led away from the gazebo went. After going as far as we could on the gravel road we found a dirt trail that ended at the water were we could see Hollnad Park across the water where we have kayaked from. At this point we turned around and headed back to where we had parked.
Bike Rentals Availability: Bike rentals are not available at this location.
Amenities: Public restrooms, nature center, water fountain.


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